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My Holistic journey to well being started 1997, as a poorly child, with chronic eczema, IBS and a whole load of allergies. My father spent hundreds, sending me to see dermatologist and specialists in Harley Street praying it would solve all my problems.


Unfortunately all the steroid creams and ointments never worked, however my mother spent time reading books and researching my condition. She came to the conclusion my condition was caused by my diet and proceeded to change it. Thank God after years of suffering, I was finally relieved from my ailments.


This sparked my interest in alternative medicine and holistic foods.​ Later on in my adult years I suffered from chronic anxiety on and off, due to high pressure sales roles and various other stresses in life. I found relief through alternative medicine and a holistic lifestyle. I learnt to find more balance in life, I went back home to Jamaica and stayed with my Grandma, before she recently passed away. It was there I truly got to understand what true Holistic living is all about, living off the land, getting plenty of sunshine and vitamin D, swimming in the fresh salt water daily.


Being one with nature, and a part of a beautiful community where everyone helps and supports one another.​


All of the above were contributing factors towards my long term goal, to set up a Holistic Retreat Centre. Not only in the UK, but over seas in the Caribbean & Africa, for people from all walks of life to experience true holistic living.​​​​​​


Holistic living with Jazz

Welcome to 'Holistic living with Jazz'

I am Jazz, your Holistic Health Practitioner.

You're probably wondering... 'what is a Holistic Practitioner?'

Let's start with the word 'Holistic', the word derives from the Greek word 'Holos' which means 'Whole'.

Which leads on to the question, what is it that makes us a 'whole' person or simply, a human being?

'Physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and environmental wellness'

Would be my answer

Holistic Coaching is all about, understanding our thought patterns, belief systems, and integrating new healthy habits into your lifestyle. Creating space for healing and transformation, allowing you to fully embody 'wholeness' at your core.


'Holistic living with Jazz' is designed to create deep true lasting transformation within YOU.


WhatsApp Image 2023-06-05 at 20.00.32.jpeg

In 3 month's Rianna lost 10kg, quit smoking, gained her self confidence back, drastically reduced her anxiety, and regulated hormonal imbalances.

Jazz: ‘What tools and services did you find the most helpful?’

Rianna: ‘The WhatsApp group chat, and connecting with like minded people on the same journey as me.

Jazz: ‘What did you find the most challenging during the program?’

Rianna: ‘The detox and diet plan but I stuck it out and I’m proud of myself, I’m someone who has never been under 14 stone in my life!’

Rianna - 3 month Review

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“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

A moment of gratitude for my Grandma Gloria Fletcher

Quote by Marcel Proust

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